SuperCut 300 Fast Optimizing Crosscut Saw


Supercut 300 is an extremely fast optimizer able to revolutionize your firm's production system.

Really Fast: an exclusive dual workpiece feed system combined with an ultra-rapid cutting unit make Supercut 300 unique.

Extremely strong and reliable: strength, sturdiness, and the use of materials and components which keep parts subject to wear and replacement to a minimum contribute towards greatly limiting maintenance.

Technologically innovative: Supercut 300 is the absolute front-runner in technology thanks to intelligent exclusive software which exploits all the potential of an innovative numerical controller combined with a powerful computer.


  • Extremely robust
  • Technologically innovative
  • Fast
  • Reliable and safe
  • Rod cutting movement with pneumatic fast cylinder with electronic regulation
  • The in-feed belt conveyor is synchronized and managed by the same motor of the advancing rollers.
  • Exclusive system with a double and solid top and bottom traction.
  • Top advancing group with three hardened drive rollers with teeth and 6 idle pressing wheels
  • Rising and descending of each toothed roller managed by numeric control
  • Fast and full optimization maintaining a notable compactness of the machine.
  • Software running on Windows 7
  • Remote teleservice assistance



Saw Blade Diameter 500/550 mm
Maximum Feed Speed 200 m/min
Maximum Cutting Capacity 230x75mm or 300x100mm (9.06” x 2.95” or 11.811” x 3.94”)
Compressed air pressure 6 atm
Working height 900+-20mm  (35.43 +-0.79”)