Leadermac USA

World Class Moulder Manufacturer

Leadermac (LMC) manufactures to the highest quality standards.  They offer all of the latest moulder technology available today with simple entry level manual setwork systems, all the way up to fully CNC programmed solutions.  With LMC we can offer machine solutions that will meet or exceed your requirements, at a price level that is extremely competitive.  LMC has the resources and experience to design and manufacture moulders for all standard and many special applications, to ensure you receive the machine that is designed for your needs at a price that makes sense.


Your One Stop Solution For Your Manufacturing Machinery Needs

LMC USA carries an extremely large inventory of moulders (regularly 20-30 machines in stock), and a full and wide range of spare parts in stock.  We realize the importance of keeping your production running, and have invested heavily in stock management systems, and a support network you can count on when needed.  With overnight delivery from our head office, we strive to meet your requirements as efficiently and effectively as possible.

LMC USA offers all the support equipment needed for your moulding operation, from grinding equipment, material handling solutions, to a wide range of tooling solutions, and a full range of support woodworking equipment to strive to be your one stop solution for your manufacturing machinery needs. LMC USA has fully trained and experienced service technicians all across North America, they are available for on-site service visits, and over the phone/on-line support when required.  Our team will also offer training schools in your plant or at ours, to ensure your team is familiar with all the information and tools needed to run your moulding operation efficiently.


Featured Products


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OPTI 599 Optimizing Crosscut Saw


Lateral Feed Tables


Speedmac Moulder Series